​​Oxygen Therapy - Door Insert Panels

C-Med Surgical, Inc. has been custom making the best oxygen therapy device for veterinary medicine for the past 16 years. We make these panels for any size, brand or vintage of animal cage on the market now or long since discontinued. Made from 1/4" Polycarbonate/Kevlar™, the panels are unbreakable, so don't worry about dropping them. Unlike the plexiglass panels from other cage manufacturers, our are built better.

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  • Will not break if dropped
  • No C02 Build-up in cage
  • No rusting parts
  • Allows cooler air in
  • Sucks warmer air out
  • For nebulizer treatments
  • ​To monitor O2 saturation

​Easy To Use On A Moments Notice

Using a C-Med O2 door panel is as easy as hanging your coat on a hook. Open the cage door, hang the panel on the inside of the door, close the door, turn on the oxygen. Could it be any easier?


  • Panel made of Polycarbonate
  • No edge gaskets
  • Stainless screws and hardware
  • Adjustable bottom vent
  • Powered exhaust fan
  • Nebulizer port optional
  • ​O2 sensor port optional

Standard Sizes

​C-Med makes the O2 door panels in a variety of sizes. Not all cage manufacturers make the same sizes so we price our panels within a set of known sizes. These panels are made to order . The materials and components are assembled by hand in our facility with care and attention to detail. They carry a one year warranty from date of purchase.

​Size                                        No. of Fans                        Pricing

18"x18" to 24"x24"                         1                               $   949.00

24"x30" to 36"x36"                         1                               $1,170.00

48"x30" to 48"x36" Single              2                               $1,645.00

48"x30" to 48"x36" Double            4                               $2,546.00

Other custom sizes available by special quotation