Laser Safe Instruments

C-Med Surgical makes a number of "Laser Safe Instruments" for use in Veterinary medicine. These instruments are specially bead blasted to removed the normal shine, reflective surface, so as to minimize the possibility of the laser beam reflecting off the instrument and seriously injuring anyone in the O.R.

​Shown from Left to right:  Joseph single hook, Kleinert Kutz single hook, Knapp 4 prong blunt retractor, Adson serrated forceps, Adson 1x2 teeth forceps, Adson/Brown 7x7 teeth forceps, Grooved director, Entropion shield, Spay rod 1/4"x7", Baby Allis clamp, DeClaw clamp, Kelly hemostatic forceps.

We can make any instrument "Laser Safe" upon request. call for pricing.

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